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You have found me


Abstract and concrete

Particulars and universals

Ontological dependence

States of affairs and events

Reality of things





Did you feel the consequence?

Did you learn from your mistakes? 

You earned the ability to create hell


You are learning to see through everything

his best gun branches


There is no blue   without the yellow

You think my TV is not big enough?


White linnen on your back.
Black secrets on your mind.
A past you tried to hide.
And a life you left behind.
The pastel days and neon nights.
The guilty hearts and alibies.
The streets run red on Ocean Drive.
But can our love survive? 



spiritual rot


A man is defined by his handshake and the sum of his actions.

game over


silent observant

I can see through everything. 


Jordan Wolfson Bumperstickers

I got what you need.

fear yourself? 

Any fool can tell you it will be all right.

The only way out is through.

visual idenity

Get me out of Belgium. 

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